Why We Keep Using Paper?

Paper has value, it's human and personal


The way we communicate is changing. Technology continues to offer more electronic toys with which we can record images, text and communicate with each other. So, why do we keep using paper to record and share our thoughts?

Paper is here to stay! Paper has value, it's human and personal. It is portable and secure, consistent and permanent. And most important of all it is effective as a business tool, marketing device, a means of expression and as an instrument to effect change. Consider the fact that paper drives Internet sales which unlike printed materials has ads that can be blocked. Also, we tend to give paper a higher degree of credibility than information we find on the Internet. Branding a business will not succeed without the use of paper.

Paper provides assurance. It is used to record our birth, death, and most important events in between. Paper can be certified, signed, and delivered with proof.

Paper provides instant communication. Pictures are there immediately and there is no waiting for the paper to show up as there is on the web while we wait for web pages to load. Navigation is easy. We just turn the page. The information on paper is more reader friendly and can be set aside for extended periods of time with the assurance that it will be there when needed.

When a business wants results they turn to printed material. They do this because it is perceived as credible and effective. Papers consistency enables branding. Paper helps us become informed, educated, and organized. We use it to develop business plans, from doodles on napkins to our Constitution. We can put our thoughts and ideas on paper in almost any situation.

Finally, the look and feel of paper sends a message about us. It can convey quality, style, and emotion.

Paper can and is recycled.

We hope this short article stimulates ideas you may have on how to use printed material for your next project, personal or business.